2018-2019 Winter Plan

(REVISED 11/15/18)

In order to help customers make better plans when inclement weather conditions occur, we are proposing the following plans for all of our routes. In cases where snowfall occurs, we will use a 3-tiered plan of conditional notification. Green, Yellow and red.

  • Green–  would indicate normal operations. This would be for minimal snowfalls or when conditions improve to unrestricted travel.
  • Yellow –  would indicate a higher accumulation of snow with some route modifications.
  • Red  – would indicate a significant amount of snow and would carry major route changes which could mean suspension of certain parts of the affected routes.

  Print a copy:  CUSTOMER TRAVEL INFORMATION2018 handout.(PDF)

This plan would enable us to upgrade or downgrade conditions as needed. Conditions would be monitored by members of the Management Team and reports from operators in the field.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Transit Center at 724.489.0880 or Donora Garage at 724.379.5956, press 1.