MMVTA Flag Stop Policy

Attention all Riders:

Effective JULY 1, 2015, MMVTA will no longer honor flag stops in signed communities. 

Throughout your community, you have probably noticed  bus stop signage. This is part of a campaign to provide a safe, convenient and reliable transportation service in the Mon Valley area and beyond.

The bus stop signs are specifically located in distinct locations to provide the purpose of

  • Boarding and de-boarding in a safe location,
  • Easy Driver visibility of a rider’s location and
  • Rider future access to real-time information– located directly on the sign(s)

We are asking riders to be aware of the bus stop signs and shelters in their communities now and; to take advantage of the use it provides riders to stand at that specific location beginning July 1, 2015.

MMVTA cannot force Riders to a signed stop if there are no sidewalks accessible in area.


CLICK HERE for a PDF list of MMVTA Bus Stop locations and routes serviced. 

NOTE: Due to the recent elimination of the Library T Crossing stop, stop was still on Master List. As of today, Port Authority  will not permit MMVTA Riders to access stop. 

If you have any questions on locations of bus stop signs and the advantages of using the signage in your community, please call the MMVTA Transit Center at 724.489.0880, M-F 8:30AM – 4:30PM.

Thank you for your support and consideration as we move forward with transit advancements in the Mon Valley area.