Fare Your Information

     Starting on Thursday, June 7,  you will notice that something will be different when you pay your bus fare. MMVTA is installing new fareboxes on all of its buses.

     These state-of-the-art fareboxes are replacing our outdated equipment to produce more accurate ridership data which will help us provide service to adequately meet your needs.

      The new fareboxes are equipped with Smartcard capabilities.  MMVTA anticipates having these Smartcard capabilities fully operational in the near future.

ATTENTION PITTSBURGH RIDERS: Starting June 7th, Riders boarding in downtown Pittsburgh ONLY, will pay fare as you EXIT the bus to your destination.

Please follow these helpful tips:

  • BEFORE you deposit your fare, tell the Driver the ZONE you are traveling toward or if you need a TRANSFER

  • Unfold each dollar bill & deposit one bill at a time into the farebox

  • Insert each coin one by one into the coin slot

  • You must have EXACT fare. Driver will not have change

  • Riders boarding in downtown Pittsburgh must pay fare as you EXIT bus

Farebox Features

1. Customer Display

2. SmartCard Reader

3. Bill Acceptor

4. Coin Slot

5. Coin Return

Phone: 724-489-0880 | After hours (First Transit - MMVTA Transit Contractor) 724-379-5956
Mailing address: MMVTA - 1300 McKean Ave., Charleroi, PA, 15022