WINTER PLAN 2020-2023

MMVTA Winter Weather Service Delivery Plan
updated 10/3/2022


In order to help riders, make better plans when inclement weather conditions occur and to allow the MMVTA to continue operations during winter weather, MMVTA will implement a Winter Weather Service Delivery Plan. In cases where snowfall occurs MMVTA will use a 3-tiered plan of conditional notification – Green, Yellow and Red.

Green: Indicates normal operations. This will be for minimal snowfall, optimal road conditions or when conditions improve to unrestricted travel.

Yellow: Indicates a higher accumulation of snow and/or deteriorating road conditions with some route modifications.

Red: Indicates a significant amount of snow and/or critical road conditions with major route changes. This could mean suspension of certain parts of the affected

When MMVTA implements the Winter Weather Service Delivery Plan, customers will be notified by MMVTA Rider Alerts via both text and email. MMVTA Riders Alerts will be sent throughout the entire service period that is under the Winder Weather Service Delivery Plan ensuring customers are informed of the latest impacts to service.

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