MMVTA is pleased to announce new service changes for January 2024!

The following schedule adjustments will be effective on January 13, 2024.   Printed schedules will be coming soon on the buses and at schedule placement centers.

Questions/concerns, please call the Transit Center at 724.489.0880 or Donora Garage at 724.379.5956. 

Commuter Changes: Commuter A
Starting January 13, 2024, the bus will NO longer stop inside the Greyhound Station. The closest stop from Greyhound for the Cal Commuter/Commuter A/Express 1 and 2 will be behind the Greyhound at Liberty at 12th Street AND  Liberty Ave opposite 11th (at the Amtrak) opposite side of Greyhound.
The following new stops will be added:
  • -Liberty Ave opposite 11th at Amtrak
  • -Liberty Ave opposite 14th
  • -Liberty Ave opposite 17th
  • -Liberty Ave after 21st
  • -Liberty Ave at 26th
  • -Bus stop D on East Busway   INSTRUCTIONS FOR STOP D – Bus Stop D (PDF)
  • -Bus stop D on East Busway  INSTRUCTIONS FOR STOP D – Bus Stop D(PDF)
  • -Liberty at 25th
  • -Liberty at 21st
  • -Liberty at 17th
  • -Liberty at 14th
  • -Liberty at 12th behind Greyhound
We are excited to provide this added service to the Strip District!
Commuter A will also have added trips for Saturday and Sunday service.

CommA Map 1 24


CommA Mon Fri 1 24

Added times for Saturday and Sunday!!
CommA Sat Sun 1 24

CommA Sat Sun 1 24