Our Reduced Fare Program provides riders with a disability, the capacity to ride fixed route transit vehicles for half-fare on all Authority buses. Upon notice by the Authority, individuals with a disability, may ride on fixed routes for half-fare by presenting a Reduced Transit Identification Card or a valid Medicare Card to the bus driver.

Click on the link below to view the FULL ADA SERVICE PROVISIONS followed by all MMVTA & MV Transportation faculty & Staff:


The fare for card bearers is one-half the regular fare.


To get your eligibility process started, fill out a Reduced Transit Fare application by visiting the Authority office located at 1300 McKean Avenue, Charleroi or use the link for the PDF application below.

NOTE: Riders younger than 65 can use a Medicare Card for reduced fare. MMVTA does suggest receiving the Reduced Fare Card.

Disabled individuals who are independently able to ride transit vehicles at half-fare will receive a Reduced Transit Fare Identification Card if their disability is certified by a doctor or by an administrator of an authorized social service agency, or if in possession of a Medicare Card and under 65 years of age.

The certifying doctor should be the disabled individual’s personal or family physician. Social service agencies which may be authorized to certify applicants under this program are Easter Seal Societies, United Cerebral Palsy organizations, Societies for the Blind or Deaf, and Mental Health and Mental Retardation organizations.


In order for individuals to participate in the Reduced Transit Fare Program, please present to the operator of the transit vehicle your identification card as proof of being eligible for reduced fare under this program or Medicare Card if under the age of 65.

A Reduced Fare Card will be recognized as your permanent identification. NOTE: Riders younger than 65 can use a Medicare Card for reduced fare. MMVTA does suggest receiving the Reduced Fare Card.

If a disability is temporary, a card containing an expiration date (month, year), will be printed across the face of the reduced fare card in large bold letters by the transit agency at the time of issuance and can only be used during the specified time frame.


When presenting a valid Reduced Fare Card or Medicare Card to a MMVTA driver, the card holder can ride any of our buses for half the regular fare every day during regular bus service.

PLEASE NOTE: The Reduced Fare Card must be used by only the person to whom it has been issued and must be kept in the possession of this person during the ride. A card is not transferable. Fraudulent use of a card is prohibited by law and offenders will be prosecuted.

Persons with Disabilities Reduced Fare Application (PDF)