TraXster will show all MMVTA routes that are in service. This will allow MMVTA to ensure and monitor TraXster.  Please provide your feedback by contacting MMVTA by phone 724.489.0880 or by email

What is TraXster?

MMVTA’s Bus Tracker, TraXster, can estimate arrival times by PHONE, ONLINE, SCAN AND TEXT. 

You can get information online through our GoMMVTA site, MMVTA’s seperate tracking site for Riders to access Real Time bus information through live maps and arrival predictions. This site will allow you to see MMVTA buses in route, providing three different arrival times, per stop location.You can also access TraXster via your mobile device at all signed bus stops or simply text the MMVTA system. See the 4 Simple Ways listed below.

TraXster can give you Real Time Stop Info four simple ways:

1. PHONE – Dial 724.903.1030


3. SCAN – Each bus stop sign has a QR Code.  Scans to the website

4. TEXT –  Text “MMVTA Stop #” to 41411

TraXster by PHONE:

Riders can dial 724.903.1030 to access the TraXster System by phone. The phone system will provide arrival times by stop number or using the touch-tone key pad on the your phone to choose a specific route. (Choose a route by the first letter of the route name. For example, for Commuter A arrival/departure times, dial #2 (ABC)  and dial #8 (TUV) for Valley 1.

TraXster Online:

Visit to access TraXster via the web. This website can be accessible by computer or smartphone. site provides Riders live maps, drop down menues to arrival/departure times by stop and much more. 

Check it out now: GOMMVTA.COM 

Please see below for PDF How-To Guides to easily navigate the website. For more information and questions, please call the Transit Center 724.489.0880.

TraXster by QR Code:

Every new bus stop sign is provided with a QR Code that can be scanned to access the GoMMVTA site. Simply hold your phone near the code to scan!

Note: A QR Code Scanner application must be installed to your mobile device. See below for more information on where the QR Codes are located on the MMVTA bus stop signs.

QR Code APP for ANDROID – click here

QR Code APP for iPHONE – click here

TraXster by TEXT:

Riders can easily text a stop number to 41411 to access arrival/departure times. Text MMVTA and the stop number to 41411 and you can receive all times per specific route.  For example, if you text MMVTA 400 to 41411  all routes and times for the MMVTA Transit Center will be provided as a response. See below for PDF examples and instruction on how to locate stop numbers.

TraXster How-To Guides:

Get Instructions from Bus Stop Signs


MMVTA Live map Guide

Text with TraXster Guide

Text with TraXster (Example)