Route Descriptions

MMVTA operates 8 fixed routes throughout the Mon Valley area and beyond.

Commuter A provides Monday thru Sunday direct service to/from Donora, Monessen, Lower Speers, Charleroi, North Charleroi, Fisher Heights, Monongahela, New Eagle, Crookham Park & Ride(88at Ginger Hill), Finleyville, Library, South and Bethel Parks to/from Downtown Pittsburgh.

Commuter EXpress 1,2 & 3 service offers limited stop service from the Mon Valley to Downtown Pittsburgh on Weekday mornings and afternoons from Pittsburgh bck to the Valley. EXpress is split into two different routings. EXpress 1 operates from Donora, Black Diamond Monongahela, New Eagle to 136 to 43 to 51 to the South Busway into Pittsburgh. EXpress 2 operates from Donora, Monessen, Charleroi, North Charleroi to 43 to 51 to the South Busway into Pittsburgh. EXpress 3 operates from Donora, Monessen, North Charleroi, Monongahela, New Eagle, Finleyville to 43 to 51 to the South Busway into Pittsburgh.

CAL Commuter(University Route)offers direct commuting options on Weekdays to/from Downtown Pittsburgh, the Large Park & Ride at Rt. 51 and Toll 43 to/from California University of PA.

Vulcan Flyer Shuttle (University Route) offers everyday shuttle service throughout the Cal U Campus, Cal U Park & Ride, Vulcan Village and Roadman Park.

Local 1is a Monday thru Friday service that operates to/from New Eagle(Lignelli Manor), Monongahela,  North Charleroi, Charleoi and  Lower Belle Vernon to/from the Shopping Plazas along Rt 201 corridor in Rostraver Township(WalMart, Tri-County Plaza and Aldi’s).

Local 2 (University Route)provides Monday thru Friday service to/from West Brownsville WalMart, California, Cal U’s Vulcan Village, , Liberty Towers, Cal U Campus, , Elco, Stockdale, Roscoe, Allenport, Dunlevy, Charleroi(transfer available to Commuter A), Donora, Black Diamond, Monongahela and New Eagle to/from the Shopping Plazas along the Rt 201 corridor in Rostraver Township (WalMart, Tri-County Plaza, and Aldi’s).

Local 3 operates Weekday service to/from Monongahela Valley Hospital, Giant Eagle Fisher Heights, Donora hilltop(including Highland Terrace), Donora, Monessen hilltop (Highland Manor, Park Manor and Monessen Senior Center), Monessen and Shopping Plazas ( Walmart, Tri-County Plaza and Aldi’s.)

Local 4 provides service on Saturday and Sunday’s to/from Rostraver Plazas ( Walmart, Tri-County Plaza and Aldi’s), New Eagle, Monongahela, Black Diamond, Donora hilltop, Donora, Monessen hilltop and  Monessen.

Local  5 provides Saturday and Sunday serviceto/from Rostraver Plazas (WalMart, Tri-County Plaza and Aldi’s), West Brownsville Walmart, California, Elco, Stockdale, Roscoe, Allenport, Dunevy, Charleroi, North Charleroi, Lower Belle Vernon and North Belle Vernon.

For help with schedule information, please call the Transit Center 724.489.0880 or the Donora Garage 724.379.5956.