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Mandatory mask wearing will continue on Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority buses at least until Jan. 18.

That’s under a mandate from the Federal Transit Administration and extends to all forms of public transportation from school buses to airplanes. MMVTA executive director Ashley Seman said requiring masks is nothing new for the authority’s riders.

“July 2, 2020, is when we officially made this effective. We’ve had some issues, but overall, I think the riders understand that safety is the number one priority and they are following the mandate,” Seman said.

The pandemic has affected ridership for the transit authority buses, especially for the trips to Pittsburgh due to the number of people still working from home.

“We are still operating our COVID-reduced schedule for Commuter A into downtown Pittsburgh. We did a rider survey. The riders did actually request Express 1 and 2 to resume,” Seman said.



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