1. Board the Commuter A to Pittsburgh
2. Make a request stop at Smithfield St. at 7th Ave. in Downtown Pittsburgh.
3. Stand at 7th Ave. and Smithfield in front of the Bruegger’s Bagels on 7th Ave. The Port Authority’s 28 X to the Airport will pick up there.
4. The 28X will drop off directly at the Pittsburgh International Airport.
5. Be sure to check the schedules to compare the times you arrive on the MMVTA Commuter A  to the times you leave on the Port Authority 28 X.

Note: When viewing the Port Authority 28X schedule, look at times leaving the stop named Downtown Seventh Ave at Smithfield St – for trips to Pittsburgh International

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1. Catch the Port Authority 28X Airport Flyer at the Pittsburgh International Airport at Arrivals Lower
Level thru Door #6
2. Compare the 28X schedule(s)  with the MMVTA Commuter A schedule. Note: When viewing the Port Authority 28X schedule, look at times leaving Airport named Pgh Intl Airport Arrivals-Lower Level Door #6 – for 28X buses leaving the airport for Downtown Pittsburgh.
3. Get off 28 X Airport Flyer at Seventh Ave. at William Penn Place.
4. Walk Down 7th Ave. about half a block to Smithfield St. Cross Smithfield St. and wait for the MMVTA buses near Smithfield St. at 6th Ave.

Note: Depending on time of day and other bus traffic, the MMVTA buses will stop somewhere between 6th Ave., Rite Aid or Office Depot in the Smithfield St. Bus Lane.

 5. Catch MMVTA Commuter A toward Valley near Smithfield St at 6th Ave.